Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We Never Close shop lives up to its name

We Never Close, 1054 Elmwood Ave. at Bird Avenue, is an iconic convenience store that stays open 24-hours, year-round. It opened as Cameron’s 24-Hour store, named after the original storeowner’s son. The store has never closed since opening on June 1, 1972. With the holidays approaching, the store will remain open, living up to its name given by the regular customers who depend on the store daily. With the help from his team of employees, Paul Antonio, current storeowner, creates an approachable atmosphere where he is on a first-name basis with his regular customers.  The convenience store sells an array of chips and snacks, emergency grocery and home items, ready-made sandwiches, pizza and fried chicken. By Tiera Daughtry and Vincent Nguyen