Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Melting Point doubles space, adds seating

             Melting Point, located at 244 Allen St., is adding a dining area to its small storefront.
            The sandwich restaurant specializing in grilled cheese recently purchased the gallery directly next door, doubling its space.
            Matthew Yuhnke and business partner Mike Kifner, both from Buffalo, chose to buy the space in Allentown to stay local and stick to the neighborhood that they know.
            “I don’t think we could leave Allentown because to me this is home and the first shop is always special,” Yuhnke said. “I call it my baby because I really put everything into it.”
            Yuhnke and Kifner created each sandwich that is on the menu, and they still cook the sandwiches themselves most days.
            “We are like any neighbor sandwich shop. We know our customers and they know us,” Yuhnke said. “I know it makes a difference to the customers to see my face, see Mike’s face, being hands on with the food. They know that we know our stuff and they love that.”
            Once open, Yuhnke is looking to have between 10 and 12 tables for customers to sit. To go with the bar atmosphere of Allentown, the restaurant will have high tables and bar stools as opposed to conventional tables.
            “Getting this space was really through popular demand. We originally wanted to keep it small but to have a real dining area will take us to the next level,” Yuhnke said. By Franklin Hagler and Matt Neidhart