Friday, May 11, 2018

Police see big improvement on West Side

Patrol beats may be a thing of the past, but police commitment to the community is continuous. Areas like Grant Street have been subject to crime over the years, but according to Buffalo police, the neighborhood is improving. “It has gotten progressively better over the years,” said Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia, who oversees the B-district, on the West Side. While budget constraints implemented in 2003 directly impacted the decline in police beat walking, new efforts were made on behalf of the force to engage the community in more personal, effective ways, resulting in a positive impact. Captain Steve Nichols, a West Side native, is confident in the direction the community is headed. “Our focus has been to get out and engage the community. We know the only way to make it safe is to partner with the community,” Nichols said. By Chris Baggs and Neseemah Coleman