Saturday, May 12, 2018

Local artist talks street artwork scene

Buffalo-based artist Vincent Alejandro talks about his push to have street art become a more accepted form of expression in the local area. Members of the community have been receptive to the few murals that exist, however misunderstandings between what is street art and the traditional views of graffiti have led to a disconnect.  “As soon as you say graffiti, it gets a negative thing in people’s mind. As far as street art; street art was kind of an it was an attempt to bring graffiti into the forefront with a different label,” Alejandro said. “There are so many walls here that scream for it.” Even cities as nearby as Rochester are more accepting of street art, providing designated areas, or “free-walls,” where artists can go and create street art without fear of breaking the law. By Terra Harter and Ben Hauver