Monday, December 3, 2012

West Side Wheels rolls to new location

West Side Wheels is planning to expand its location to 286 Grant St. by early spring.
West Side Wheels, a business under On the Job Ministries, salvages, repairs and resells bikes to residents in the West Side at affordable costs. The main goal of West Side Wheels is to create more jobs for the youth in the West Side.
The business has been operating for five years inside New to You, a thrift store on 289 Grant St. Kim Deflyer, executive director of On the Job Ministries, said the expansion was made possible by PUSH Buffalo through a grant program that provides funds to local businesses. 
“Our focus is job training for youth. [We try] to provide opportunities for youth who would might not otherwise get an opportunity to learn how to fix a bike,” said Rebecca Ballard, assistant to New To You.
Ballard said that there is a need for a full-service bike shop in the West Side.
 “We want to provide jobs that are meaningful and that are needed," Ballard said. "It’s intentional that we’re providing a bike shop, as supposed to another service that already exists or isn’t as much of a need for here.” By Dayna Francis and Tyeisha Prior