Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hill Tribe provides rides in West Side

Taxi services are an important mode of transportation in any big city. But what do you do in an area with an abundance of people who do not speak English and cannot communicate with drivers?
Hill Tribe Transportation has fixed that situation on the West Side.
Kyaw Kyee, a Burmese refugee who moved to the area four years ago, started Hill Tribe Transportation that refugees can use without any language barriers holding them back.
Kyee started the business six months ago and it has grown in popularity on the West Side. Hill Side covers many areas such as Tonawanda, Buffalo State College, University of Buffalo and even places in Canada. Also, organizations such as the International Institute of Buffalo and Jericho Road Ministries are using this service to transport their clients to anything from doctor’s appointments to medical emergencies if they arise.
The refugees don't speak English and of course we speak English and we speak their language,” said Kyee, owner of Hill Tribe Transportation. “We know how to knock on their door and sometimes find them.”
 “It provides a service that they need in order for refugees to live their life ahead,” said Eva Hassett,  executive director for the International Institute of Buffalo.
Kyee’s success as a successful business owner on the West Side has provided inspiration for others trying to start businesses in the area.
“He has shown us that you can start a successful business from nothing,” said Hassett.  “It’s a great example for all of us that the American dream is possible and I think that’s powerful not for just the West side but for everyone.” Story by Max Borsuk and Maria Yankova