Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Girls-only program teaches technology arts

Thursday nights at the Grant Street Neighborhood Center include discussions of pixilation, filtering, and rendering. By the way, it’s girls only.            
            Every Thursday in December the center, along with Squeaky Wheel, is hosting TechArts for Girls, a series of workshops that encourages girls to receive an affordable, hands-on technology and media literacy education.
            “When the program was started, studies showed that girls from low socio-economic backgrounds were more likely to fall behind in media literacy and technical skills,” said Jax Deluca, director of programming at Squeaky Wheel. “The program was designed to help them to thrive and stay up to date in a fast paced, computer savvy world.”
            Squeaky Wheel, a non-profit media arts center, provides low cost access to video and film equipment rental, editing suites, and workshops.
            “In this specific lesson at the Grant Street location, students will use an iPad application to apply traditional painting and techniques in a digital environment,” said Deluca. “Software and hardware for digital painting will be discussed, experienced, and investigated with the aim of creating digital visual images.”
            This specific program plans to break down the economic barriers that prevent these young women to access digital technology from their homes.
            “We are looking at this program as a test run for future collaboration with Squeaky Wheel,” said Janice Li of the Grant Street Neighborhood Center. “I am sure we will work together again on future programming.” Story by Jessica Chetney and Chelsea Goodridge