Monday, November 26, 2012

CarShare to add two cars at Buffalo State

            Buffalo CarShare, a rental car organization located on Allen Street, is expanding its services to Buffalo State College beginning in January.
             Lisa Krieger, assistant vice president of finance and management of Buffalo State, said the partnership came about when she researched car-sharing options for the campus and picked Buffalo CarShare because it reminded her of the campus’ urban focus.  
 “A lot of people do not own a car or choose not to own a car, so we can provide that service for them by offering community cars,” Michael Galligano, director of operations for Buffalo CarShare, said.
             The company will have two cars stationed near the campus specifically for Buffalo State students and faculty.
Students and faculty will have to sign up as a Buffalo CarShare user through the organization's  website, which may take up to a few weeks. Rental charges start at $8. 
“Our hope is that we can provide students and faculty with much more flexibility and they can now look at an alternative mode of transportation,” Krieger said.
               Buffalo CarShare already has two cars available for use on Grant Street, and is looking to place a third car on Connecticut Street some time in the near future. By Lakisha Forde and Narmeen Karzoun