Friday, November 23, 2012

Asarese-Matters repairs nearly complete

Asarese-Matters' new gym floor
The renovation of the gymnasium at the Asarese-Matters Recreation Center is almost complete.
New rubber coated flooring, new lights, a divider and a scoreboard have been installed in the gym at the center. Once bleachers are installed, the project will be complete.
The project was funded courtesy of a $50,000 state grant through former Assemblyman Sam Hoyt. Tom Koller, associate athletics director at Buffalo State College, served as a chair for the center and sought the grant in order to modernize the gym for youth.
Michael Milovich, the program coordinator for the city of Buffalo, and a former recreation instructor of the Asarese-Matters Center, said the gym, which once had a cement floor, was long overdue for remodeling. Milovich said that the reason it took more than four years is because the city and the county were unable to assign accountability for the center.
“For example, if we had a window broken, we would call the city,” said Milovich. “They would come over, say ‘yeah, it’s broken. But it’s up to the county to fix.’ Then we’d call the county, they’d look at it, and say, ‘yeah, it’s broken. But it’s the city’s job to fix it.”
Milovich, who has worked with the center for 24 years, is glad that neighborhood youth will finally be able to benefit from a new gym.
            “It’s nice to see something new made for kids who don’t get new things a lot,” said Milovich. By  Shari Ingles and Maureen Vitali