Sunday, April 15, 2012

Urban Roots gives local gardening tips

 Spring is upon us, and gardeners should begin taking the necessary steps towards producing a successful garden this season.
 The Urban Roots Community Gardening Center urges residents to stay away from online sources because they won't address unique aspects of gardening on the West Side, said Patti Jablonski-Dopkin, Urban Root’s General Manager..
 “You can read books or look online, but each area is unique to it’s own climate. We can set you up for success for this specific area,” Jablonski-Dopkin said.
 Urban Roots recently held its fourth annual Seed Starting Workshop for West Side residents which is meant to give gardeners of all skill levels an opportunity to learn basic and technological aspects of gardening.
 Some basic tips offered during the workshop included having healthy, non-contaminated soil, proper pest control and healthy seedlings, Jablonski-Dopkin said.
 Adrianna Zullich, an Urban Roots employee, said it’s a positive workshop to have in the community.
 “It’s a great program. We have the heirloom seedings people come in to get, we have lots of seeds to provide people, hot peppers and different things. We let people borrow carts and things they don’t have to take home,” Zullich said.
 The Educational Committee within Urban Roots along with Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo finances the yearly program, Jablonski-Dopkin said. By Elaundress Ballard and Christie Jok