Sunday, April 15, 2012

Debate continues on teacher evaluations

 With the new teacher evaluation law on the minds of educators and parents, some community leaders are still weighing in on how student absences will affect the teacher assessments.
 Naomi Cerre, principal of Lafayette High School, said that she is concerned with some students not attending class, which should not have an impact on the teacher.
 “In my opinion, teachers should not be evaluated by students who don’t attend class,” she said.
 Cerre said Lafayette is actively trying to reduce student absences. With an attendance intervention team consisting of parents, students, teachers, administrators, social workers and counselors, Cerre said the school is involved with bringing absent students back to class.
 “It needs to be a partnership among students, parents and the school,” she said.
 Sam Radford, president of District Parent Coordinating Council of Buffalo, concurred.
 “The number one key to a child’s educational success is parent involvement,” he said.
New legislation will make Buffalo schools better for the student, Radford said, adding that he hopes it will also improve the graduation rate. By Katie Anderson and Danielle Wayne