Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Crockatt leaving helm of Olmsted Parks

Stephanie Crockatt, the current executive director for the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, is leaving her position to become the first CEO of Sarasota's Bay Park Conservancy. During her time as executive director for the Olmsted Parks, Crockatt worked on various different projects that have made a positive impact on the parks to this day. "There have been some momentous things that we have done. All of it. I mean you can't pick a favorite child in your family, it's hard to pick just one," Crockatt said. Crockatt said that she thinks after her departure, she expects the parks to find more funding to help sustain the parks. "We're going to be looking at maybe an endowment
campaign to help sustain everything. It's a balancing act between everyone wanting a capital project, but do they want to give to the sustaining fund to make sure that capital project lasts a long time," Crockatt said. By Justin Siejak