Sunday, March 26, 2023

Cafe puts coffee in cups, cats in arms


The recent rise of animals entering shelters and rescues post pandemic has given more reason to  Buckminsters Café, 577 Niagara St.,  to promote cat adoptions in Western New York through its partnership with Second Chance Sheltering Network, Inc.. Molly Hutton, owner of Buckminsters Café, explains what influenced the rescue partnership. “I just thought it could be a mutually beneficial situation,” said Hutton. “We could have, you know, a nice size group of their cats here, gave them another place to showcase their cats.” All cats are medically pre-screened and socialized before coming to the café and are transported by Second Chance providers on Mondays and Tuesdays when the business is closed. Since the café’s opening over three years ago, Buckminsters has helped 647 cats get adopted and plans to continue finding each feline friend find their forever homes. By Carly Lawson