Sunday, March 13, 2022

West Side residents feel pain at the pump


Marcus Birthwright, a Forest Avenue resident and Buffalo State senior, fuels his vehicle at the Sunoco on 460 Elmwood Ave. amid rising prices. “The fact that it is $4.17 right now, I am about to start biking to school, especially with prices like this.” AAA Western and Central New York reports that gas prices in Buffalo are up an average of 28 cents since Feb. 28, which reached a city average of $4.03. Compared to last year’s average of $2.75, gas prices have increased to a point that has not been seen in over a decade. The AAA recommends avoiding peak times, combining errands into one trip, and use cruise control when possible to preserve fuel. Across the West Side, as of March 7, prices range anywhere from $4.18 to $4.40 per gallon. Elizabeth Carey, the director of public relations at AAA, attributes much of the price increase to the war in Europe. “Fluctuations in gas prices truly depend on the price of crude, which is under several stressors right now, most notably the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” By Zachary Williams and Nia Peeples