Sunday, October 31, 2021

Bills Block Party great for Chip Strip

    Rec Room Partner Chris Ring says the Buffalo Bills' successful season so far has contributed to the popularity of the Bills Block Party, hosted by bars and restaurants along West Chippewa Street during the football games. The parties became a way for Rec Room and its neighbors, Soho Buffalo, 67 West, Local Kitchen & Beer Bar, Buffalo Taphouse, and Bottoms Up, to recover from business lost during the pandemic when they were forced to close for long stretches. SUNY Buffalo State Economics Professor Fred Floss says that business is especially good during winning seasons as more out-of-town fans come into the area and spend money at local attractions. Bills Block Parties  are scheduled for Nov. 14 and Dec. 26. By Evan DiPasquale, Michaela Frazier and Danielle Stiegler