Sunday, October 10, 2021

Statue of immigrant family in works for Prospect Park

The pedestal at Prospect Park where a statue of Christopher Columbus once stood remains bare after being removed in July 2020.

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The removal was done by the Federation of Italian Americans after several Columbus statues were vandalized across the country due to the controversial history surrounding Columbus, specifically his treatment of indigenous people. Niagara district Councilmember David Rivera whose district includes the park said there were a series of meetings that happened after the statue’s removal that involved the residents of Niagara district and members of the federation to decide what should replace the statue.  Judge Frank Caruso of New York Supreme Court 8th Judicial District and chairman member of the federation said the new monument will depict an Italian immigrant family. Caruso said the new monument would be erected next year. By Jillian Kasmore and Angelea Preston