Tuesday, November 26, 2019

W.S. native gets popping in new store

Lower West Side native Stefan Coker has started a brick-and-mortar business, What's Pop-in' Gourmet Popcorn, 418 W Ferry St. Coker, right, and co-owner David Whelan, left, opened the store on Nov. 2. “It’s super important to be here. My children go to school in Starpoint. It’s important to me that my kids see all demographics,” Coker said. What's Pop-in' Gourmet Popcorn boasts unique favors including Cajun ranch, beef-on-weck and apple pie. Coker and Whelan are getting set to debut their holiday flavors: gingerbread, eggnog, lemon blueberry and Claus crunch, which is a mix of Chex Mix, pretzels and M&M’s. They will also be revealing a new flavor on their Instagram page in the coming weeks. By Francis Boeck and Emmanuel Rodriguez