Thursday, October 10, 2019

Gather & Game brings new vibe to Grant St.

            Westside Stories Used Books, 205 Grant St., has added a second location across Grant Street, called Gather & Game, to tap into the neighborhood’s interest in board and other games. 
            The addition at 212 Grant St. is expected to bring in more business and add a new gaming type atmosphere to the block
            Due to heavy inventory of magic cards and games at the bookstore, owner Joe Petri has always had the plans of opening something like this to accommodate his customers.
            “How often does the space across the street from my job open up, we felt we would’ve been kicking ourselves for years if we didn’t roll the dice now,” Petri said.
              In order to differentiate the gaming location from other game shops around the area, Petri’s idea was to do something similar to the Elmwood area and make it café-style and lean into the board game theme.
              In an era consumed with technology where people can literally play games at the palms of their hands, Gather & Game goes beyond that. Here, you can learn how to play board games, some of which you may have never heard of like “Clank!” “King of Tokyo” “Carcassonne” and many more.
              Petri wanted to do something for the neighborhood when he opened the bookstore in 2011.. Only living a couple blocks away and being home with his two children he was able to make it work. His focus will now be continuing to improve the new place across the street. By Christian Gaffney and John Propis