Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mayor Brown spreads word of housing rights

            Mayor Byron Brown has teamed up with both the Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) and Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency by going on the West Side with pamphlets to inform residents of their housing rights.
            The pamphlets describe the Fair Housing act passed in 2006 that prevents discrimination against people for receiving government assistance, marital status, gender, religion and race among others. Housing advocates said these rights have not been heavily enforced by the city since the passing of the law.
            The pamphlets also include information on how landlords can prevent discrimination on prospective tenants and their rights as a landlord.
            The pamphlets state that any complaints made should be answered within 120 days of being filed.
            Fair Housing Officer Harold Cardwell, Jr.  said that he can do no more then just tell residents of their rights.
             “You can give the horse water,’ Cardwell said, “but you can’t make them drink.” By Kaylyn Padilla and Roshea Robinson