Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Family Justice Center brings drop-in site to W.S.

The Family Justice Center of Erie County and the YWCA at 1005 Grant St. have formed a partnership for victims of domestic violence on the West Side.
Mary Travers Murphy, director  of the Family Justice Center, said the partnership will provide a drop-in center specifically catering to people of the West Side. The center at the YWCA will offer safety planning, counseling, legal and law enforcement assistance.
The partnership should be up and running within the next couple of months.
The collaboration allows for better access to services for residents of the West Side who otherwise are not able or willing to travel to the Justice Center’s downtown location at 438 Main St.
Travers Murphy said that residents have difficulty with transportation downtown, which entails riding two different buses, and find the area overwhelming to navigate.
“We realized we’re not seeing a lot of people from that community, they're not comfortable coming downtown, but we’re told that there is a great need for information and education and help for people of different cultures who may be in domestic violence relationships,” Travers Murphy said.
The Family Justice Center is working hand in hand with the social workers at the YWCA to provide individualized, client-specific services with special sensitivity to their cultural background. All services are confidential.
“We had a very interesting opportunity, so we figured something out and we ran with it,” Travers Murphy said. By Tara Hark and Max Wagner