Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Small Business Saturday comes to Elmwood

Small Business Saturday will be taking place in the Elmwood Village on Nov. 25, which is an event that hopes to shed a light on local businesses that may be overshadowed by big name companies.
At least 12 businesses have been confirmed by the Elmwood Village Association to participate in this event, and many more are promised to participate as well.
Melika Givili, associate of the lingerie boutique Jolie Jolie, 814 Elmwood Ave., talks about why shopping at small boutiques may be better than shopping at larger name brand stores.
“The whole industry within retail shops, especially in the mall, are just shutting down,” Givili said. “They’re becoming extinct. It’s nice to go out to boutiques and walk back out into the fresh air. You’re not just walking around a mall aimlessly looking around.”
To celebrate Small Business Saturday, Jolie Jolie will be offering 15 percent off all purchases.
Ashley Smith, executive director for the Elmwood Village Association believes this event is a smart alternative for people who do not like shopping on Black Friday.
Small Business Saturday isn't driven so much by deals or sales like we've come to expect from box stores or chains,” Smith said. “The Small Business Saturday experience is much more focused on community and interaction. The service, care, and personality are more important.”
Smith believes Small Business Saturday is a great way to start celebrating the holidays.
Small, local retailers and stores form an integral part of the community we live in,” Smith said. “The holiday season brings people together through acts of gathering, gift-giving, and sharing.” By Alyssa Brannigan and Taylor Carruth