Saturday, October 21, 2017

Forest Lawn 2017 tour season a success

Forest Lawn Cemetery will be ending its tour season at the end of October, making it one of the best seasons the cemetery has experienced, according to Coordinating Director Mark DePalma.
Eighty 80 percent of all historic tours sold out this season, which began in June, DePalma said.
. The tours consist of a trolley tour that lasts two hours and costs $25 per person. Walking tours last 90 minutes and are $15 per person. Each tour tells the stories of the famous residents who are buried in the cemetery, including President Millard Fillmore, singer Rick James and Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.
Actors are hired to play the cemetery residents portrayed on the tour.
“The live actors that play the residents bring life to the tour,” DePalma said. “It adds humor, and makes it interesting for the people on the tour.”
The staff of Forest Lawn is already brainstorming new ideas for next year’s tours.
“We change who we focus on in the tours,” DePalma stated. “Doing this keeps the tours exciting, and new for people who want to come back and do another tour with us.”
Forest Lawn Cemetery tours will resume next year in June. By Alyssa Brannigan and Taylor Carruth