Sunday, April 16, 2017

Moon Joggers prepare to run for autism

Members of the international group, Moon Joggers, are currently preparing events in Buffalo throughout April to raise money for National Autism Awareness Month.
The event is a virtual race, which means that members can pick to run their own planned out circuits. However, Moon Jogger members often choose to coordinate a group run for the event.
West Side resident  Joshua Lora, says that it can be difficult to get the word out about the event since it’s a virtual race, so he believes it’s easier to find people who want to get involved through online groups.
Lora is planning to participate in the WHO’s Ready To Race 5K and 10K event for the second year in a row. Lora’s group is planning to run down Elmwood Avenue and Richmond Avenue on April 23 and he will be running in honor of his younger cousin who has autism.
The group is running with the ambition to beat last year’s amount of $16,907 that was raised for the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation.
The organization is also currently aiming to accumulate enough miles to equal the distance between the earth and the sun this year. Members have run a total of 5,913,748 miles this year, with close to 80 million more to go.
Registration for the event ranges from $13 to $27, but prospective participants can find more information on the Moon Joggers website. By Dominic Beaton