Saturday, April 29, 2017

City gets serious about filling potholes

Construction worker Bryan Kopinski and his crew recently closed two blocks on Forest Avenue to repair a large pothole on Forest Avenue and Dart Street. Kopinski, an employee of E.J. Militello Concrete, says he has repaired numerous streets on the West Side since the beginning of the season, and he is happy about the city’s attention to road damage. “Buffalo fell behind on it for decades but now they are pumping a lot of money into the streets with paving and fixing the potholes, I think in a few years Buffalo’s streets will be a lot better,” Kopinski said. In addition to the city’s commitment to repair road damage, Mayor Byron Brown issued a 48-hour pothole repair guarantee with allows Buffalo residents to call and report any pothole, and one of seven repair crews will fix the damaged street. By Gregory Garrett and Osman Shire