Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Newman Center camaraderie continues

Volunteer cooks serve the last weekly Thursday dinner of the semester at the Newman Center and Chapel, 1219 Elmwood Ave., but the camaraderie between students and the rest of the community continues through December and January. The parish held an Advent Celebration on Dec. 11 and on Jan. 28, the center plans to strengthen its members’ relationships by organizing a “Dinner of Eight.” In groups of seven, members will go to an eighth member’s home and have dinner. Afterwards, the entire congregation will meet at the Newman Center for dessert and choir singing. Event Organizer Carmen Schaff, who has worked with the Newman Center for over five years, said all SUNY schools have a John Hugh Newman Center where Catholics can worship. Masses and center events are held all year long. By Tony Callens and Benjamin Joe