Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shipping services expect extra busy season

FedEx Corp., United Parcel Service Inc., and U.S. Postal Service are expected to process more packages this year than in the past years.
Between the three services, there is expected to be somewhere between a 10.5 percent and 13 percent increase in the amount of packages to be delivered. The services are hiring seasonal help to accommodate the expected increase in packages.
“[Package deliveries are] on the upswing, which is probably a testament to how America shops these days, and that is online,” said Karen Mazurkiewicz, Western New York’s media contact for USPS.
USPS plans to collaborate with UPS and FedEx for package deliveries.
“We anticipate between Thanksgiving and New Year's’ Eve that we’re going to handle about 15.5 billion cards, letters, oversized letters, and packages...but packages, we anticipate about 600 million,” said Mazurkiewicz.
 The prices are dependent on the type of shipping that is chosen; shipping heavy packages longer distances in shorter amounts of time will cost the most.
According to Katie Wassmer, FedEx Communications Advisor, the peak season for delivery services begins on Black Friday and runs through Christmas Eve.
“The earlier you go to the post office in the holiday season, the more options you’ll have [for the package to arrive on time],” said Mazurkiewicz.
The UPS Store is located at 266 Elmwood Ave.; USPS is located at 465 Grant St. There are multiple drop-off locations for FedEx in the West Side. By Marcus Trueheart, Greg Twarozek and Kayla Yarington