Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Community Beer Works expansion on hold

          Community Beer Works, 15 Lafayette Ave., has decided against the purchase of a new 15-barrel system that would have allowed for increased production of beer.
           Head Brewer Rudy Watkins had said he and other owners would attend the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Ore. in mid-April in pursuit of purchasing such a system. Watkins says that while there was no immediate purchase, there is still a possibility that Community Beer Works will upgrade in the future. 
          “There’s no huge development on the bigger system,” Watkins said. “Things move slowly, as they always do, but we’re working on it.” 
          While they did not purchase a new system, the owners discovered new breweries and learned new techniques at the conference. 
          “We went around and chatted with the hundreds of vendors out on the trade show & some of their offerings will be making it into our processes,” Watkins said. “They're making insanely good and interesting beers out there.” 
          Watkins believes his brewery’s attendance at the conference will be beneficial.  
          “The sessions I attended were super informative,” Watkins said. “Every year's conference is different and has different areas of focus, but I always come back inspired to improve our day to day operations as well as grow our long-term goals.” By Ryan Beiter and Jonny Moran