Sunday, April 26, 2015

West Side food pantry feeds pets in need

           West Side Pet Clinic, 1245 Niagara St., has started a small food pantry for cats and dogs.
            Pet owners who are in need of cat or dog food can go to the clinic and get an emergency bag of food with no appointment necessary.
            This initiative was inspired by a previous effort to feed pets on the West Side, according to office manager Joe Speranza.
            “There was a church downtown that used to do it but then the church shut down, so we realized that we are in a position to do it,” Speranza said.
            He is excited for this new addition to the clinic and hopes it reaches greater heights once fully set in motion.
            “We want to have enough food at all times, we never want to have to say ‘no’ to anyone,” Speranza said.
            The clinic gave away their first emergency bag of food last week, a four-pound bag of food for a cat and dog.
            Donations are welcomed.
            Those wishing to donate food can find out how on the clinic website or Facebook page. Buffalo CARES, an animal rescue organization, has contributed seven bags of food so far. 
            The clinic wants the pantry to be a success and continue to feed cats and dogs on the West Side.
            “We are hoping to keep this going all year around”, Speranza said. By L'Oreal Adams