Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BreadHive approaches 1 year anniversary

BreadHive co-owner Allison Ewing
             BreadHive Cooperative Bakery, 123 Baynes St, is coming up on its one-year anniversary.  To celebrate their one-year anniversary on April 1, owners Allison Ewing, Victoria Kuper and Emily Stewart, are doubling the number of days that their window is open. Their window will be open six days a week. 
  The bakery has  a walk-up window where customers can come and order their bread, bagels, pretzels or granola.
   “It will be a lot easier to market to people within a walking distance,” Ewing said.  
   Ewing and Kuper said that they are making an effort to have more signage in different languages.
   “It’s nice to be able to serve a bunch of different communities within a small geographic range and that’s what’s cool about the West Side. There are just so many different communities that all happen within a block of each other. Being right in the middle of it is really interesting,” Ewing said. 
  The BreadHive Cooperative Bakery has a unique business model, in that all of the workers own the business.
   BreadHive Cooperative Bakery has something  for every nationality.
   “People come looking for something closer to what they grew up with,” Kuper said. 
    The bakery has a wholesale line but the owners consider their shop a neighborhood bakery.
    “It’s a community that I like providing bread to because it’s people who are down to earth and they know the value of good food,” Ewing said. 
    “There are big changes coming that we are really excited to announce in April,” Kuper said. By Ryan Esguerra, Amber Rinard and Dallas Taylor