Saturday, November 1, 2014

Five Points Bakery readies for relocation

Melissa Gardner, the owner of Five Points Bakery along with her husband Kevin, serves the first customer on the last morning, Oct. 25, before closing for the next month. Five Points, located at 426 Rhode Island St., will be closed until the end of November while the Gardners renovate the bakery’s new location, a 115-year-old building located across the street at 44 Brayton St. They are expected to reopen in the new location by Nov. 25. Five Points Bakery, formerly a tenant of Urban Roots, will now own the space rather than rent it. Customers contributed to the purchase of the new building by donating $5 to receive a flag with their name on it that was then displayed on one of the walls of the bakery. By Andrea Chevalier and Lucy Lopez