Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve is make or break for bars

Black Friday can make or break the year for retailers all over the country, but for bars and clubs on the West Side, the moment of truth comes  on Thanksgiving Eve.
The night before Thanksgiving has been deemed the biggest party night of year, but for bars and clubs it is far more important than most may think.
“The bars make double, sometimes triple the amount they would on a normal weekend all in one night,” said Zach Grimm, bouncer at Social Night Club, 228 Franklin St. “Without this night I don’t think the bar would make it through the holiday season.” 
Capitalizing on the first time college students come back home for Thanksgiving break is vital for the success of the bars and clubs. Many places on the West Side will raise their cover charge upwards of ensuring that they make the most out of the craziest night of their year.
“Clubs will increase their cover charge because they know how many people will come through the doors,” Nick Iacona, a disc jockey at at Purple Monkey, 236 Delaware Ave, and Pure Night Club, 75 West Chippewa St. said. “People will pay to participate in the madness because it is the biggest party night of the year, so bars can get away with charging more.” By Matt Bove and Gabrielle Mediak