Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Warm your home with these cost-saving tips

            Heaters are kicking on, thermostats are adjusted, and some days, one pair of socks just isn’t enough. 
           It’s obvious that winter is upon us.  With the decrease in temperature, many people see an increase in their heating bills.  Despite this inevitable increase in monthly bills, there are a number of ways to hit the brakes on your heating bill.
            “An enormous number of people come in to buy window wrap,” says Jane Japadjief, co-owner of Dibble True Value on West Ferry Street. 
            She suggests that most of the heat loss on the West Side  is due to the century old windows installed in homes that are equally as old.  Depending on which window wrap you purchase, it can be stapled, tacked, and taped to window frames.  Wrapping the window frame in this cellophane plastic creates a pocket of air between the glass and the plastic, which warms during the day and adds an extra barrier against the cold, Japadjief says.
            Despite the antiquity of the windows in the West Side, Japadjief says that the doors on these homes are  quite durable.  However, not every door is element proof, but weather stripping  can help your house retain heat.  By creating a seal around the top and sides of the door, you can reduce the amount of heat escaping your house.  To create a seal at the bottom of the door, install a door sweep, she says. By Jason Murphy