Sunday, December 9, 2012

Laundromat project to blend art, culture

West Side Value Laundromat, located on 417 Massachusetts Ave., is more than just a place to do laundry.
            The owners are beginning a project that will include a learning center in the back for two way learning, an on-going art program, a teaching program, music performances and computers.
The project, which is known as “The West Side Laundromat Project,” is open to people of all ages. One of the program goals is to build a Burmese library in the Laundromat to help celebrate Burmese culture, since the business is already a home base for the Burmese refugee community.
            In terms of financial backing, the AmeriCorps Foundation just gave  owner Zaw Win a grant to fund the project for a year.
            Partner Barrett Gordon got the idea for the project from the Brooklyn Laundromat Project, which brought art and culture together in the city. Win and Gordon met last summer to figure out how to bring art and culture to Win’s Laundromat. The project is in the planning stages.
“We are using art as the common denominator, and using the learning center as a binding connection,” said Gordon. By Kristin Ritch and Jasmine Willis