Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Young Audiences to create West Side mural

            Since securing a $75,000 grant, Buffalo State College and Young Audiences of Western New York are preparing to transform the West Side community.
            “We are still in the planning stages right now,” said Young Audiences’ Executive Director Cynnie Gaasch.
            So far, Young Audiences, along with the Buffalo State College Community Academic Center, has planned to create a mural commemorating local immigrant heritage on Grant Street and Lafayette Avenue.
The students of International School Number 45 and Lafayette High School will be involved with the project, along with their families, to show their cultural pride.
            “We want to get both schools to work together on this project,” said Clare Malachowski a representative of AmeriCorps that works in the Community Academic Center.
            The Community Academic Center opens its doors to the West Side community, bringing students together.
            “We have all different types of programs here,” Malachowski said.
            One of its programs is called Girls Inc. The program is intended for girls between the ages of 12 and 18.
            “We talk about touchy subjects such as sex Ed with them,” Malachowski said.
            The Community Academic Center also aims to get students involved in local community organizations, such as the Girl Scouts of America as well as offering academic classes.
            “This is just a one year grant with Buffalo State that we hope will continue throughout the coming years,” Gaasch said. By Chelsea Goodridge and Jessica Chetney