Wednesday, November 7, 2012

West Side housing renovations under way

            Using a $720,000 grant, Heart of the City Neighborhoods is in the process of completing renovations on four houses on the West Side and plans to complete an additional 26 houses as well.
The grant was issued by the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation and New York State Homes and Community Renewals. Awarded in December 2011, the grant was put into effect this past July to restore the houses within two or three years.
A total of 30 units in the 14201 and 14202 areas will be rehabilitated for developmentally disabled housing, senior housing and families with children under the age of 6. Current households must be below 80 percent of the area medium income and be approved as a structure that has health and safety violations.
 “These demographics are the primary focus groups, however, [Heart of the City Neighborhoods] will not turn down applications for other households in need within the West Side area,” said Heart of the City program director, Caitlin Godin.
According to Eric Shiffman of Belmont Housing Resources for Western New York, measures are taken to assess the safety and code violations prior to renovations of the house. Belmont will also monitor the progress of the renovations and perform final inspections to assure houses are ready for owners to move back in.
“This is beneficial to the West Side because as these homes are being rehabilitated for the current owners, they will also be approved as safe and healthy households for future home owners as well,” Godin said. By Chanice Johnson and Jennine Taberski