Friday, November 23, 2012

Stephanie Berghash beautifies West Side

University at Buffalo student Nathaniel Hutchings, left, and Stephanie Berghash


Tree planting took place on Nov. 3 on Pennsylvania Street under the direction of Stephanie Berghash.
Community activist and professional gardener, Berghash performs environmental acts of kindness such as this daily.
Locally known as the sole person responsible for the restoration of Gates Circle Fountain, Berghash volunteers her time to help make the streets of Buffalo look clean and beautiful.
Freshman students in the University of Buffalo Honors Program were there to help plant the trees for their mandated community service.
The trees for this project were provided to Berghash by Re-Tree Western New York.
Berghash contacted Paul Maurer Re-Tree chairman, about what was needed to reforest the streets in her neighborhood around Kleinhans Music Hall.
“I visited her and we walked the street together noting where street trees were needed on Pennsylvania Street and Prospect Avenue,” Maurer said.
Berghash ordered 31 Honey Locust trees but received only 19 for that Saturdays planting. She is hoping to plant the remaining trees in the spring.
The trees were planted along Pennsylvania Street, Normal Avenue and West Avenue. The planting in the spring will be done on Plymouth Avenue.
Each tree that the students planted she allowed the students to name. A nametag was placed on the bottom of each tree.
“The best part about planting trees and cleaning up the streets is that it goes beyond my life,” Berghash said. By Crissie Russo and Caitlin Waters