Monday, November 26, 2012

Livery apartments expected to open in June

The White’s Livery Apartments is expected to open its doors to residents this summer.
The remains of a historical building, located 430 Jersey Street, will be turned into a housing complex by June 2013, depending on winter conditions.
The building would be turned into a more advanced living compound, which will be two stories higher, then the original building of four floors. The building is also expected to have 14 apartments with a built in parking lot. The parking lot is to be located on the first floor and be the centered right in front of the complex.
“It will bring significance to the west side by bringing in more families into the neighborhood to live in a new building with affordable rates” states Linda Chiarenza, Executive Director of West Side Neighborhood Housing.
The project idea came along two years ago when area residents feared that their safety was at risk. They complained that the building was decaying and that bricks were falling from the building. They contacted Sam Savarino, owner of Savarino companies, a construction and development company. 
“We are doing the best we can to preserve the integrity of the building while keeping it energy efficient ” said Linda Chiarenza.
“What the building brings to the West Side of Buffalo is a success story,” said Laura Sweat, deputy director of West Housing Services. “You hear about how Buffalo has a declining population and such, but when people see that historical buildings can be brought back to life, it is inspiring.”
Sam Savarino brought the historic landmark, which was built 1816.  The project was set to start October of 2011 however complications in funding set the construction date back to August of 2012. By Joshua Clegatt and Stephanie Delaunay