Friday, October 26, 2012

Trees to be planted throughout West Side

Winter is around the corner and The Belle Center, in collaboration with Re-Tree Western New Work and Keep Western New Work Beautiful, plans on planting one hundred trees throughout the West Side of Buffalo.
            The project, which is expected to happen on Nov. 3, will replace the trees that were ruined during the October Storm in 2006.
            Paul Mauer, chairman of Re-Tree WNY, created the idea to plant the new trees because of the beneficial factors that trees have.
“Trees have been shown to reduce stress, produce clean air, and unite families as well because as the trees grow people also watch their families grow,” said Mauer.
All of the trees will be planted on public properties and focus on 26 municipalities where the storm had hit. This year, organizations are focusing on seven of the municipalities.
            A variety of trees will be distributed depending on the location. Pennsylvania Street, Busti Avenue, Maryland Street, Hudson Street, and Virginia Street, are some of the locations listed to have the trees planted.
The Belle Center is coordinating 25 volunteers needed for the project. Jim Pavel, president of corporation for Keep Western New York Beautiful, is responsible for recruiting the volunteers for community service projects.
            “There are a lot of people that want to help their community in one way or another,” said Pavel. “Those that volunteer are individuals in the community that want to do something in their own neighborhood.” Story by Joshua Clegatt and Stephanie Delaunay