Friday, October 26, 2012

MAP lends support to Corfu farm after fire

The Massachusetts Avenue Project is raising money to help its long-time partner, the Oles Family Farm, rebuild in the wake of a barn fire.
MAP’s shareholders have already donated to The Oles Family Farm in Corfu, and the organization as a whole is raising money in any way possible.
 "We've already raised some money for them and offered to go help put the barn up and help with any labor needs they have, once we know what they need," said Diane Picard, executive director of MAP.
According to Picard, donations prove vital because although the community is working to help, it may not cover the total amount of loss.
The partnership between the two organizations spans back to about six or seven years, including the annual Tour de Farms event, in which the Oles have donated their farm as the destination point.
"They have been incredibly generous to us and so many other people,” said Picard. “We really value their partnership and friendship and it is an awful thing that happened, so we are trying to do what we can to help."
Jane Oles, co-owner of the Oles Family Farm, said that they are rebuilding and focusing on the new structure of the barn, and are hoping to have it finished by November.
Oles said that the outpour of support the farm has, serves a builder of faith within the community. Story by Lakisha Ford and Narmeen Karzoun