Thursday, October 25, 2012

D'Youville to partner with charter school

D’Youville College has agreed to partner up with the West Buffalo Charter School.
Located at 320 Porter Ave., D’Youville College helped with funding to get the old apartment building on 114 Lafayette Ave. converted into the West Buffalo Charter School.
Phillip Piotrowski, assistant professor of the education department at D’Youville College, said his graduate class of 17 students go on Wednesdays to give an extra set of hands and help out with the students.
Piotrowski said he is thrilled that his students are getting a real sense of experience student teaching in this environment.
“I have to say, they do a really nice job and the community is really turning around,” Piotrowski said.
The students at the West Buffalo Charter School are kindergarten through second grade and by 2014 they are hoping to expand to fourth grade, Todoro said.
Charter schools are all different, and they all concentrate on one thing. For West Buffalo Charter the niche is literacy.
Andrea Todoro, school leader of the West Buffalo Charter School, said they not only accept children from the West Side, but from all over the neighboring areas.
Todoro explained that she didn’t think it would be fair for the expansion to go beyond fourth grade because the mental development is too different.
“I would rather have quality and keep it small than have quantity and keep it surface level stuff,” Todoro said.
Todoro also said Canisius College and Buffalo State College are in the process of possibly partnering up with the West Buffalo Charter School as well. By Kristin Ritch and Jasmine Willis