Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Buffalo Motor Works plans on expansion

     After facing several issues last spring ranging from a lack of planning to city hall of bureaucracy, Buffalo Motor Works owners say that their dealership business is thriving.
      "Things are going well for us,” said Andre Sadoff, co-owner of Buffalo Motor Works. "Every business has their issues and a big one for us was the registration process, but right now that has been resolved and we're in pretty good shape.
      The business, which is located at 202 Rhode Island St., was established in spring 2011. Sadoff and co-owner Dan Sciolino have a dealership with a unique focus on the green movement.
     One of the ways the pair planned to incorporate environmentally friendly tactics was to establish a community garden at a nearby lot. They faced another issue when a private person bought the area.      “It may be something we could come back to in the future, but right now we just have our hands full with the business," said Sadoff.
     A possible idea in the works for the energy efficient dealership may include expanding to another retail location in a more popular area. The plan is to get business out there, said Sadoff.      "Expanding your small business could be difficult only if you have not focused in on a specific market,” said Andrea Lizak, a financial business advisor in the Small Business Development Center. "Community involvement is key because you want the community to patronize and help your business."
      Buffalo Motor Works has given community members who are interested in energy efficiency an alternative choice of vehicles. Having the ability to purchase these cars could save them money in the long run, said Sadoff. By Lakisha Forde and Narmeen Karzoun