Monday, May 7, 2012

Whole Hog cautious about new truck rules

 Buffalo food trucks are still learning to deal with regulations enacted by the city in February.
 Under these new regulations, food truck owners must buy a $1,000 license. They must not operate within 100 feet of a restaurant or food vendor and must keep 500 feet away from city sanctioned events; like festivals.
 Kathleen Haggerty, the owner of the Whole Hog Food Truck, based on the West Side, said she’s taken the regulations in stride. She listened to what the city wanted before making any big decisions regarding her business.
 “I was very malleable,” Haggerty said.
 Haggerty carries a measuring wheel on her truck to make sure that she parks the proper distance away from restaurants and vendors. Although she’s ready to work with the city, she said she’s not happy with all of the regulations, such as the ban on setting up shop in many of the areas managed by the not-for-profit organization Buffalo Place, which includes much of downtown Main Street.
 “You’ve got Buffalo, NY, the third poorest city in the nation, saying no to a small business?” Haggerty said.
 Even though she’s not allowed downtown, Haggerty said she’s been able to establish a loyal following elsewhere.
 “You don’t want me downtown? I’ll go on the West Side,” she said. By Michael Canfield and Jacob Tierney