Saturday, March 17, 2012

UFO Series lands at Betty's Restaurant

 For those who have a taste for the extra-terrestrial, there’s more than just food at Betty’s Restaurant, which is located at 370 Virginia St.
 Betty’s is featuring work by artist Mary Begley, who is showcasing her UFO Series through March 18.
 "Since we opened in 2004 we have always featured local artists," said Carroll Ann Simon, owner of Betty’s.
 Betty’s presents new artwork every two months on a rotating basis.
 “They're very supportive of the arts,” Begley said.
 Begley, a Buffalo native, earned a master's of fine arts from the University of Buffalo and has had her work appear in the area and throughout the United States.
 Her UFO Series consists of abstract drawings that deal with time and space.
 “These works began to depict space and atmosphere type themes,” Begley said. "I decided just to go with that."
 Begley said she began the UFO series in 2010, and it was based on some of her previous abstract works.
 This inspiration was enhanced by a visit to the Museum of Modern Art where she saw artwork that featured black canvas backgrounds.
 Begley said she got the idea to be featured at Betty’s when she went there one day for lunch and noticed the artwork that was posted.
 For more information on Begley’s UFO Series and upcoming events at Betty’s Restaurant, visit By Anna Dinger and Kevin Freiheit