Saturday, March 3, 2012

Santasiero's marks 90 years in business

 In an economy where a lot of local business news features foreclosures and out of business signs, Santasiero’s restaurant located at the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Niagara Street is beating the odds as it celebrates 90 years in business.
  When Dominic and Philomena Santasiero came to America from Italy in 1906 and opened the restaurant six years later, they could have never predicted the legacy they would leave in Buffalo. The business is now being run by the fourth generation of the Santasiero family, and they see no signs of stopping.
  Part owner John Brands Jr. is the great-grandson of Dominic Santasiero. When asked about what it means to be open for nearly a century he said, “It’s a majestic legacy that we plan to continue on with.”
  Although the restaurant didn’t have any big events planned for the celebration, the family is celebrating how fortunate they’ve been. Brands said 90 years gives a feeling of accomplishment to his family. The low-key attitude towards a celebration fits the atmosphere and setting of the restaurant itself.
  “Santasiero’s makes you feel welcome. It’s a home-like feeling. My dad’s been taking me here for years, and someday I’m going to take my children here. It’s a great place,” said Mike Macaluso of Buffalo.
  The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.
By Pasquale Maggiore and Alexa Myers