Saturday, March 17, 2012

Olmsted Conservancy begins spring cleanup

 Spring is right around the corner and the Olmsted Parks Conservancy is preparing to recover the beauty of Front Park and the three traffic circles on Richmond Avenue from winter drear.
 Eileen Martin, park foreman of circles and parkways, said the annuals will not be planted until after all threats of frost have past, taking no chances, even with Buffalo’s unusually warm winter weather. The shrubs, however, will be pruned and the perennial grasses and flowers will be trimmed. The debris from the beds and lawns will be disposed of properly. Over 2,000 plants are estimated to be plants this growing season around the three traffic circle and in Front Park, Martin said.
 The Olmsted Conservancy cares for and preserves the many landscapes designed by the founder of American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted. Thomas Herrera-Mishler, president and CEO of the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, said that since the restoration of these Olmsted designs, the property values on the West Side have increased and are progressively creating an enhanced quality of life.
 “People enjoy the parks and appreciate the effort the Olmsted Parks Conservancy puts into them,” said Martin. By Mackenzie Clarke, Stephanie Delaunay and Cheri St. Croix