Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas trees available at Urban Roots

 When it comes to holiday flora, Urban Roots is stocked with options to grace homes with the beauty and aroma of a live evergreen tree.
 The organization is selling trees right up until Christmas, with eight varieties of evergreens to choose from. Each tree is 3- to 4-feet tall and costs $60 to $70.
 Because the trees are still living, they can last years after the holidays with proper care.
 "We're hoping, because the trees are still alive, they'll be recycled and replanted into the ground after use. They really should only be inside for around seven days," said Urban Roots employee Bryan Lovullo.
 For those who aren’t able to plant their evergreen after they’re done with it, Urban Roots offers the option to donate it to a local organization. Olmsted Parks, Grassroots Gardens and Buffalo Riverkeeper have partnered again with Urban Roots in this effort. Donors can choose which organization receives the tree by filling out a donation form available at Urban Roots.
By Mike Meiler and Julia Merulla