Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something's fishy on Massachusetts Avenue

Who said the only place to buy fresh fish was at the grocery store? Well, not anymore. Starting mid-May, The Massachusetts Avenue Project will be selling farm-grown tilapia at its Saturday farm stand.
In only its second year, this neighborhood idea has surpassed imagination and is a proven success. With a solid business plan in motion, what is next? According to Project Manager Jesse Meeder, “I’m ready to go commercial.” Full story

Business blooms on Connecticut Street

Connecticut Street has undergone a swift transformation into an up and coming retail destination.
Over the last five years the street has welcomed a number of businesses, including its latest addition, Bella Tootsie, a shoe-spa-boutique.
Annette Caldwell, owner of the new enterprise that neighbors her parents' bar, the Golden Key tavern, said she received a warm welcome by the West Side neighborhood and that business is going well.
Bella Tootsie is just a sign of good things to come on Connecticut Street with the multimillion-dollar transformation of the Old Horsefeathers Antique Store into luxury accommodation and a gourmet food outlet. Full story

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grant-Amherst focuses on business

The rise of economic development in the Grant-Amherst area has pushed urban planners, small business owners and leaders in the community to take a look at the need for revitalization to its streets, such as adding stop signs and traffic lights to enhance safety for pedestrians.
While some members of the community say there’s no need for additional traffic-calming devices, others feel the city needs to capitalize on the positive momentum and change which new store fronts and are bringing to the area.
Existing businesses in the area are also getting a lift, adding a new face to a historical area. Full story.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

After-school programs keep kids safe

Buffalo Public Schools and neighborhood community centers are making efforts to keep children off the streets of Buffalo during after school hours.
PS 30 Frank A. Sedita Academy, on the West Side, made use of the 21st Century Grant in order to fund after-school programs for children.
The Belle Center, a community center in the West Side also implemented after-school opportunities for children. A combination of academic studies and athletics run by project directors, grad students and staff has been established as an outlet for students use in order to avoid the streets. Full story

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Restoring neighborhoods, block by block

HomeFront Inc., a non-profit community development agency, has been working to maintain the character of forgotten homes on the West Side by redeveloping the block of Nineteenth Street.
After purchasing houses from the city on auction, HomeFront, and its team of construction planners develop a strategy to reconstruct homes that are over one hundred years old and have survived fires, neglect and abandonment.
Around $150,000 later, after the structures are like new, they are put back on the housing market. Full story

Assemblyman Hoyt announces re-election bid

Politics are back in full swing in spring in Buffalo. Sam Hoyt and his supporters met at Polish Cadets to rally towards what Hoyt called “A great opportunity to really help the community.”
Assemblyman for District 144, Sam Hoyt, announced he is running for re-election. District 144 covers Black Rock, the entire West Side, as well as Grand Island.
Hoyt held the rally in an attempt to increase his stock and garner support at the next election. He spoke of his desire to “Clean up Buffalo” with Community Organizations like P.U.S.H Buffalo and also spoke of their necessity in the restoration of the region. Full story

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bazaar needs a place to hang its hat

A promising initiative, the West Side Bazaar has yet to find a proper home. However, though the quest continues, business may start booming for local vendors come June – or so consumers hope.
The West Side Bazaar aims to nurture diverse young businesses, most of which belong to refugees and immigrants from around the world that have settled throughout the West Side area.
Through the mentorship of organizations like WEDI, Westminster Economic Development Initiative Inc., vendors are able to overcome cultural barriers and create comprehensive blueprints and financial plans that will uphold their businesses over time. Full story

PUSH Buffalo hosts Spring cleanup

On March 17 People United for Sustainable Housing hosted part one of its two-part Spring Cleaning program at 43 Lawrence Place.
In just six hours local volunteers in cooperation with a group of Princeton University students cleared and cleaned the property, purchased recently by PUSH to renovate into an energy efficient home.
PUSH is now looking forward to Spring Cleaning Part Two in April where volunteers will restore a local run down park. Full story