Monday, March 15, 2010

Refugees earn tips on being financially fit

     Refugees to the United States often have to overcome cultural and economic barriers to adapt to new living arrangements.
     Understanding the concept of how the American financial system works promotes an overall healthy lifestyle according to Jericho Road Ministries, a non-profit organization located on Barton Street in Buffalo’s diverse west side community.
     “I know how to pay the bills, but sometimes I (would be) late for a full payment, and the (next bill) would be high,” said Rosa Niag, a refugee from Sudan. “This confused me.”
     The eight week program educates participants on how to balance their finances through instruction and partnerships with local organizations. Full story

Friday, March 12, 2010

Italian-Americans still call West Side 'home'

     Old Italian culture is still strong on the West Side. Although the neighborhood has become more culturally integrated during the past decade, Italians who continue to live on the West Side remain true to their native customs and values. Full story

Homegrown chickens part of spring ritual

     Now that springtime is on the way the hot topic is once again backyard chickens.
     Backyard chickens became an issue in Buffalo last year when West Side resident Monique Watts fought City Hall to keep a coop in her yard.
     The chickens have become a major part of a new “urban farm” movement. This movement is all about growing and raising your own food. The main point people in the movement are trying to show is that even though it is more work your getting a better quality food, at a cheaper price, that actually tastes better. Full story.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project helps immigrant mothers-to-be bridge gap

Imagine living in a foreign country, surrounded by a new language, overwhelmed by change and pregnant. Now imagine yourself in this circumstance with the support of someone else, someone who identifies with your story.

The Priscilla Project has served pregnant refugees in the past and today their services are evolving.
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