Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wegmans’ $75k donation puts it on the MAP

MAP'S Farmhouse project is set to expand with Wegmans' help

            The Massachusetts Avenue Project,  389 Massachusetts Ave.,  recently received $75,000 in funding from Wegmans to be used towards its Farmhouse Project.
            The Farmhouse Project is a $1.8 million campaign, of which $1.1 million has been raised. The tentative plan for the project is to break ground in the spring and have the bulk of the construction done by this time next year. MAP also is aiming to have a grand opening late next fall.
            The funding will help MAP in a number of ways. It will help build a new farmhouse,  which will house office space, expand cold and dry storage and expand the farm. Over the years, MAP has built a strong relationship with Wegmans, this being their most recent partnership venture.
            “We’ve always looked at them as a strong partner,” said Heather Brooks Newton, MAP’s development director. “The synergy is there, they’re about fresh healthy food as are we and I think that we are certainly reaching, particularly on the east side of Buffalo where our truck is, a different population, and it's really great to have Wegmans’ support.”
            But, it’s not just a monetary partnership; the organic section of Wegmans is the home of MAP’s salsa, chili starter and salad dressing. The kids in their youth enterprise program are the ones who make those products. The program was started to show the younger people what the “farm-to-table” food system was about all about.
            MAP is dedicated to helping serve the youth and making sure there is fresh local food readily available. By Troy Licastro and Tony Reyes